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Vacancy title All-round building worker
Contract NL contract
Industry Construction
Salary €14,04 - €17,74
Hours 38-48 hours in the week
Viewed 1139 Number of views

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All-round building worker

000.2 - Bouwbedrijf Versteijnen B.V., building 1138 views 38-48 hours in the week €14,04 - €17,74 Construction works NL contract Construction

Vacancy description

You are working in a team to take care of all kind of building and construction work. Work is mostly in and around buildings, so there will be worked inside as outside.

We offer

Employment with stable work and Dutch contract at the company B.A.M. Vermeer Uitzend B.V.

Your salary will be build up from the following amounts:

Starting with a basic bruto salary of € 14.04 per hour up to 38 hours per week

4-week period payment in euro’s, within 10 days after end of period

Deduction for health insurance: € 96,60 per 4 weeks

Rent of living location: € 75 per week

You are obligated to have Dutch health insurance, we can arrange this for you for a competitive price of € 96,60 per 4 weeks. A refund for a part of these costs can be requested at Dutch government by applying for so called ‘Zorgtoeslag’, the refund depends of your salary level and private circumstances.


The working tasks are very various, like: putting floors, ground work, concrete work, placing walls, painting work, carpentry, stucco, setting/placing window frames, demolition, cleaning, etc. The work will be on different locations around the Netherlands.


Normally from 07:00h until 16.00h, but can be various

5 or 6 days

What do we expect from you?

  • experience as building worker
  • experience with welding + certificates is preferred
  • Certificate of Good Conduct
  • English language is required

Further information

Living location

WiFi internet

toilets + showers (shared)

washing machine + dryer



supermarket within 10 minutes by bicycle

Hours 38-48 hours in the week
Salary €14,04 - €17,74
City Several locations in NL

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